PHP 5/MySQL Programming- P2

PHP 5/MySQL Programming- P2:computer programming has often been seen as a difficult and arcane skill. Programming languages are difficult and complicated, out of the typical person’s reach. However, the advent of the World Wide Web has changed that to some extent. It’s reasonably easy to build and post a Web page for the entire world to see. The language of the Web is reasonably simple, and numerous applications are available to assist in the preparation of static pages | To Heather Elizabeth Matthew and Jacob and to all those who have called me Teacher. Acknowledgments First I thank Him from whom all flows. Heather you always work harder on these books than I do. Thank you for your love and your support. Thank you Elizabeth Matthew and Jacob for understanding why Daddy was typing all the time. Thanks to the Open Source community for creating great free software like PHP and MySQL. Also thanks to the phpMyAdmin team and the SQLite team for developing such terrific software and making it freely available. Thank you Stacy Hiquet for your continued support and encouragement on this and other projects. Thanks Scott Harris. You did a great job of juggling all those balls around. Thanks to Tonya Cupp for drastically improving the readability of the manuscript. Arlie Hartman thank you for technical editing and for putting together the CD-ROM. Thanks to J. Wynia for technical editing. Thanks also to Jason for use of PHPTriad on the CD-ROM. Special thanks to those who worked on the first edition. Your hard work is the foundation for something even better. Thank you to the many members of the Premier Course team who worked on this book. A huge thanks goes to my CSCI N399 and N452 Server-Side Web Development classes and the many people who sent in comments and advice from the first edition. Thank you for being patient with my manuscript for helping me spot many errors and for providing invaluable advice. I learned as much from you as you did from me. About the Author Andy Harris began his teaching career as a high-school special education teacher. During that time he taught himself enough computing to do part-time computer consulting and database work. He began teaching computing at the university level in the late 1980s as a part-time job. Since 1995 he has been a full-time lecturer in the Computer Science Department of Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis where he manages the Streaming Media Lab and teaches .

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