PHP and MySQL Web Development - P5

PHP and MySQL Web Development - P5: PHP and MySQL Web Development teaches the reader to develop dynamic, secure, commercial Web sites. Using the same accessible, popular teaching style of the first edition, this best-selling book has been updated to reflect the rapidly changing landscape of MySQL and PHP. | Contents xxi Avoiding Timeouts 373 Using Other FTP Functions 373 Generic Network Communications with cURL 374 Further Reading 376 Next 377 18 Managing the Date and Time 379 Getting the Date and Time from PHP 379 Using the date Function 379 Dealing with Unix Timestamps 381 Using the getdate Function 382 Validating Dates 382 Converting Between PHP and MySQL Date Formats 383 Date Calculations 384 Using the Calendar Functions 385 Further Reading 386 Next 386 19 Generating Images 387 Setting Up Image Support in PHP 387 Image Formats 388 JPEG 388 PNG 389 WBMP 389 GIF 389 Creating Images 390 Creating a Canvas Image 391 Drawing or Printing Text onto the Image 391 Outputting the Final Graphic 393 Cleaning Up 394 Using Automatically Generated Images in Other Pages 395 Using Text and Fonts to Create Images 396 Setting Up the Base Canvas 399 Fitting the Text onto the Button 399 Positioning the Text 402 xxii Contents Writing the Text onto the Button 403 Finishing Up 403 Drawing Figures and Graphing Data 404 Other Image Functions 412 Further Reading 412 Next 412 20 Using Session Control in PHP 413 What Session Control Is 413 Basic Session Functionality 414 What Is a Cookie 414 Setting Cookies from PHP 414 Using Cookies with Sessions 415 Storing the Session ID 415 Implementing Simple Sessions 416 Starting a Session 416 Registering Session Variables 416 Using Session Variables 417 Deregistering Variables and Destroying the Session 418 Simple Session Example 418 Configuring Session Control 421 Implementing Authentication with Session Control 421 Further Reading 427 Next 428 21 Other Useful Features 429 Using Magic Quotes 429 Evaluating Strings eval 430 Terminating Execution die and exit 431 Serialization 431 Getting Information About the PHP Environment 433 Finding Out What Extensions Are Loaded 433 Identifying the Script Owner 433 Finding Out When the Script Was Modified 434 Contents xxiii Loading Extensions Dynamically 434 Temporarily Altering the Runtime Environment 434 Source .

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