PHP and MySQL Web Development - P41

PHP and MySQL Web Development - P41: PHP and MySQL Web Development teaches the reader to develop dynamic, secure, commercial Web sites. Using the same accessible, popular teaching style of the first edition, this best-selling book has been updated to reflect the rapidly changing landscape of MySQL and PHP. | II Using MySQL 7 Designing Your Web Database 8 Creating Your Web Database 9 Working with Your MySQL Database 10 Accessing Your MySQL Database from the Web with PHP 11 Advanced MySQL 7 Designing Your Web Database IN OW THAT YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH the basics of PHP we ll begin looking at integrating a database into your scripts. As you might recall in Chapter 2 Storing and Retrieving Data we talked about the advantages of using a relational database instead of a flat file. They include RDBMSs can provide faster access to data than flat files. RDBMSs can be easily queried to extract sets of data that fit certain criteria. RDBMSs have built-in mechanisms for dealing with concurrent access so that you as a programmer don t have to worry about it. RDBMSs provide random access to your data. RDBMSs have built-in privilege systems. In more concrete terms using a relational database allows you to quickly and easily answer queries about where your customers are from which of your products is selling the best or what type of customers spend the most. This information can help you improve the site to attract and keep more users. The database that we will use in this section is MySQL. Before we get into MySQL specifics in the next chapter we need to discuss Relational database concepts and terminology Web database design Web database architecture Following chapters cover Chapter 8 Creating Your Web Database covers the basic configuration you will need in order to connect your MySQL database to the Web. Chapter 9 Working with Your MySQL Database explains how to query the database and add and delete records all from the command .

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