Some tips to score high on the TOEFL

Tài liệu tham khảo bằng tiếng anh một số lời khuyên giúp ghi điểm cao trong TOEFL | Some tips to score high on the TOEFL The Test of English as a Foreign Language- the TOEFL is not so much different from any kind of sport including soccer or basketball. The test requires you some skills in listening, reading and writing as well as the skill to control the test formats and timing. However, a high-performing soccer player or TOEFL test taker needs more than just these basic skills to score the goal or get the high mark. That is Strong Mental Preparation before the very important test. Throughout my years of observation, this is the very factor that draws the line between the score of 600 and 677. Do you want to know how to do it? Let me share with you some of my findings: 1. First Thing First is to set up a realistic timeframe: The plan should include when you want to take the test. The time frame should not be too long to make you bored, or too short to make you unprepared. For me, the ideal period is 3 months when you are at your peak performance. 2. Begin With The End In Mind: you should clarify the target score you want to get. The score should be Realistic and Attainable. If you want to score 630, write it down and buy it into your heart and to your mind. Recall it before you start to do anything in the morning. Just by doing this, you have finished half of the process. No commitment, No involvement. 3. Try to put you in the real testing situations as much as possible. If you are lazy, higher scores on the TOEFF is unrealistic. You often need to put you out of your day-to-day preparation for 3 hours, sit down and take the practice tests just as you will have to do on the actual test day. Take it seriously. Then, do it over and over again. You will soon find out that you are making progress day after day. The science of psychology proves that human brain forms habits naturally after certain routines of practice. The more you practice, the more you will see your testing skills getting better, your judgments becoming faster and more accurate. “Practice makes perfect” and as a result, perfect practice makes perfect progress. Another factor, which determines higher score on the TOEFL, is your “biological clock”. If you feel comfortable and energetic working in the afternoon, you should register the test in the afternoon. If the test will be in the morning, from now on, try to wake up and start working early in the morning. 4. Last but in no way least is Physical Preparation. The TOEFL test will certainly consume you a lot of energy. Staying focused and giving good adjustments during the test require you to have very strong brain stamina – the body strength in the testing conditions. So, make sure you exercise regularly, have good diet and adequate rest well before the test day. Strong physical preparation will determine whether you will hit the high score. I hope that you will find these insights helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at neosystem@ Good luck and happy scoring!

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