The Evolution of Internet Telephony

As a founding member of the new Internet Operators Group, AT&T holds a vast amount of experience and expertise in building and operating IP-based networks. We participate in North American Network Operators Group (NANOG), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and Internet2 in addition to sponsoring the AT&T Center for Internet Research and the AT&T Interoperability Lab. We intend to be the number one global provider of communications services delivered over the Internet by pursuing a worldwide, facilities-based strategy. Recently, AT&T has taken aggressive steps toward realizing this vision. Teleport Communications Group (TCG) brings to AT&T | In the second research initiative, AT&T and the International Computer Science Institute, in association with the University of California at Berkley, are forming the AT&T Center for Internet Research to help speed the evolution of the Internet. The goal of the center will be to perform basic research on future Internet architectures and related issues, bridging the gap between the Internet research community and commercial industry. AT&T will fund the multimillion-dollar center for at least three years and contribute staff, who will work with ICSI researchers in close collaboration with the UC Berkeley Computer Science department and School of Information and Management Sciences. As more applications such as multimedia, telephony and electronic commerce move to the Internet, issues such as scaling, security, global access and network management could adversely affect its growth and performance. ACIR will be a focal point for discussions with other commercial Internet service and equipment providers, as well as with standards bodies such as the Internet Engineering Task Force, in order to help create a future Internet architecture that addresses these issues.