Data Emergency Guide IT Professional Edition

This guide is intended to help you recognize, react appropriately to and resolve a data loss emergency involving servers, backups, and or any mission critical computer system or IT facility. The Data Emergency Guide: IT Professional Edition will be most useful to technical support personnel, IT managers and anyone experiencing a sudden data loss situation involving a previously functioning computer system or backup, or dealing with the accidental erasure of data or overwriting of data control structures. | Data Emergency Guide IT Professional Edition “for IT professionals, data center managers, systems administrators, CIOs, department and workgroup managers, DBAs, small/medium business owners, frontline IT and computer support personnel who maintain mission critical data storage.” Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 1 DATA EMERGENCY EXAMPLES. 1 SERVER DATA LOSS SCENARIOS. 2 SITUATION 1: SINGLE FAILED DRIVE IN A RAID5 SERVER 2 SITUATION 2: RAID5 SERVER HAS FAILED3 SITUATION 3: SERVER UPGRADE GONE WRONG 4 SITUATION 4: INTERMITTENT COMPONENT FAILURE IN A RAID5 SERVER 4 SITUATION 5: SQL, ORACLE, DB2 DATABASE CORRUPTION 5 SITUATION 6: “CRISIS IN PROGRESS”5 RECOGNIZING A DATA LOSS SITUATION. 6 “HOW IMPORTANT IS YOUR DATA?” 8 DATA RECOVERY PROCESS: WHAT TO DO FIRST? . 8 What NOT to do:8 What to do: 9 ACTIONFRONT’S DATA RECOVERY PROCESS 13 INITIAL INQUIRY AND CONSULTATION PROCESS 13 THE RECOVERY PROCESS BEGINS WITH A FREE EVALUATION .