Access Lists for Routed Traffic

Dynamic access-list authenticate the user then drops the telnet! Also, could put "autocommand access-enable" under the vty line, but this means that no one could telnet to the router anymore. | ACCESS-LISTS - ROUTED TRAFFIC Key Commands Shows and Debugs Named IP List of Permit Any s Ip access-list extended MyPolicy - or standard Permit tcp any any eq www IP any Deny ip any any IPX -1 Interface serial 0 Appletalk other-access Ip access-group MyPolicy out Additional-zones Decnet Dynamic access-list lock-and-key NetBIOS Names Username Ben password cisco IP AS-Path . - don t forget the . Username Ben autocommand access-enable LSAP 0x00000xFFFF access-list 101 permit icmp any any Canonical to no n-canonical. Byte by byte access-list 101 permit tcp any any gt 1023 5a32 - 5a 32 - 32 0011 0010 access-list 101 dynamic MyKeyword timeout 60 flip 1100 0100 - C 4 permit tcp host host eq telnet flip 4 C int serial 0 5a 5a coinci dence so ip access-group 101 in line vty 0 4 5a32 543c login local Additional Commands IPX standard Access-list 800 deny AAA FFFFFFFF Access-list 800 permit -1 IPX Extended Access-list 901 deny rip any any Access-list 901 permit any - denies 700-7FF Access-list 901 deny any any 452 - denies all saps For routes Ipx access-group 901 in out For RIP routes Ipx output-network-filter or input-network-filter On EIGRP Ipx router eigrp 100 Distribute-list 901 in out The established parameter looks for an ACK flag in the communication. The initial packet only has SYN set and is denied. SAP Filters Access-list 1001 deny -1 4 - denies all file serv Access-list 1001 deny AA - denies any sap from AA Access-list 101 deny -1 0 tex - denies all sap With name starting with tex On interface Ipx input-sap-filter Ipx output-sap-filter Ipx output-gns-filter Ipx router-sap-filter Dialer lists Access-list 901 deny -1 ffffffff 0 ffffffff rip Access-list 901 deny -1 ffffffff 0 ffffffff sap Access-list 901 permit -1 Dialer-list 1 protocol ipx permit list 901 Spot The Issue By default access-lists are OUT. Make sure you use the keyword IN or OUT anyway. Remember when applying a filter NOT to

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