Testing workflow

Purpose –To create or generate reusable test scripts –To maintain trace-ability of the test implementation artifacts back to the associated test cases and use cases or requirements for test Step: will be described in Test Automation courses Purpose–To execute tests and capture test –Check builds based on project test readiness criteriaUnit test / Code review. Undergone SCM smoke test criteria–Execute Test the test the test the test procedures. | Test Workflow Course Number TST-0003-01 Revision 12 14 06 Released 12 06 Author Si Le Warm up - Introductions Your role Your background experiences in the subject What do you want from this course FCGV Slide 2 FCGV Internal Version . Issued Date mm dd yyyy Course Objectives At the end of the course you will have acquired sufficient knowledge to Testing phases in a Software Development Cycle Testing workflow in details FCGV Slide 3 FCGV Internal Version . Issued Date mm dd .

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