Tham khảo tài liệu 'writing for the real word - part 3', ngoại ngữ, kỹ năng viết tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | 2 Organizing a letter Look at these parts of a letter to an art school in Washington. Write them in the correct position in the letter on page 28. S0B o Radcliffe College of Art Fall 2005 I Over 30 new classes are available Academic studies Ceramics Computer and Graphic Design Drawing Would you please send me your latest catalog and tuition details I Thank you in advance for your help. Dear sir or Madam Jừõ TciMZAkb Amanuma Kawagoe-ku 5 Saitama 350-1224 Japan Radcliffe College of Art 1500 28th St. NT Washington . 20018 USA I am thinking of studying digital media design in the . and I was interested in your advertisement in a recent issue of Art in America magazine. JiroTanizakl Sincerely yours. February 6 2004 Writing for the Real World 27 See pages 109-11 for more information about the layout of a letter. 3 Salutations Publicity Department Personnel Manager LANGUAGE FOCUS If you are writing a business email to an organization or someone whose name you don t know you can use these salutations Dear Sir or Madam the person s job title Dear Advertising Manager the name of the department Dear Personnel Department the name of the company Dear Apple Computer Write four salutations using your own ideas and or the ideas on the left. a -------------------------------- -------------------------------------- b c------------------------ __ d See pages 117-18 for more information about salutations. 28 Writing for the Real World 4 Giving a reason 1 Write the correct sentence 1-4 below the matching picture. 1 lama Computer Studies student at Taipei University. 2 I would like to pursue a career as a flight attendant. 3 lam planning to travel in Europe next summer. 4 lam thinking of studying French in Paris this summer. 2 Write the phrases in each sentence in the correct order a in the Straits Times. your advertisement 1 saw for intensive courses b on your website. the group tours I m very interested in

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