Tham khảo tài liệu 'japanese for busy people 2', ngoại ngữ, nhật - pháp - hoa- others phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | Mỷ-r V i tiịiìiị TẨ b Ầ ỉ o T V o ý Ã ỉ -ửX 0 After ca Hing Tokyo Station the man comes back to Mr. Chang. i b Wk Ụ C i 1 r ì V Chang Excuse me. Station Employee Yes. May I help you Chang I forgot something in the train . Employee Which train was it Chang It was the train which left about twenty minutes ago second car from the back. Employee What did you forget Chang It s a big black paper bag. Employee What re the contents Please describe them in detail. Chang There s a scarf and a sweater. The scarf is wool and has a pattern of black and white stripes. The sweater is red with a horse design on the chest. Employee I ll call Tokyo Station now and ask. Please wait a moment. Chang Thank you. Employee Your bag is there. It went to the clerks office in Tokyo Station. So Please go and pick them up today. Voca ibulary n station employee J Ò ft softer than T T4 trt. ii h t ft tyy forgotten or lost article t before back Sb -counter for ordinal numbers i Ò car vehicle Hit ft t ft -Ỉ forget b paper 6 bag A contents VOCABULARY 15 hi hLi LÍT itortuịỉ 777- ù h M 6 Ố It t lì t fa 7 í TlỷT i liit TIỶ-5 c t L o Tv ỉ t it ư t í 4 0 ỲIC ỉ 1 H 5 c i t rf à HUIC ỊtíỉT H 1 ỈT rỉ in detail detailed explain explanation scarf muffler wool black ness white ness stripe pattern design chest horse telephone call clerks office has arrived arrive reach within today within go to pick up pick up get take pass GRAMMAR LESSON OBJECTIVES T connective form of T T 20Z bt M 7 CMr 2 Wirt. S k if ULv H Iff. Lt 777-11 wr é. 7 Lỉ t fc 7 Tf o T for T f is the equivalent of the T form of verbs. Each of these sentences has the same meaning as two independent sentences each ending in Tt. T T form of adjectives as a connective M T . 6rt 6 ML à À -t-7-li T. L ni òỉ n t t 7 L lifo The T T form of adjectives can be a connective just as the T form of verbs is used to combine two phrases clauses or sentences. t adj. T Cfi ữị fif v-r i 16 GRAMMAR LESSON OBJECTIVES ex. r ZÒẦ I1 SyTT - ẩSíO Z5x. Cli T fH

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