Tham khảo tài liệu 'japanese for busy people 4', ngoại ngữ, nhật - pháp - hoa- others phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | 4. 148ặ50 T-to 4 7 ì i L S-Z L -I-Z 5. 73 7 Í U tii ỐCT-Í-7Í o NOTES 1. izM WT L XlZ i i V T fti-ttz isa form of request but it would not be used when speaking to a superior. The meaning is do something for me us . ex. Hi -l Zytf o Won t you please come Some other interrogatives of the same type as tzM are H something V O 7 sometime and Jf z ÍT somewhere. ex. 1. .RLTA i Lfc J o Was anyone watching 2. k -otf fr . Tto I want to go to Kyoto sometime. 3. w 0 i D Give me any kind of cold drink. 2. ĩ z Ò 11 ZU ỉ-ro UY o In addition to the information given in Lesson 4 you should observe that z is a noun meaning thing happening experience and the pattern z t Ỉ 1 conveys the idea it sometimes happens that. there are have been cases of . ex. 1. MNi ÍT Ỉ-M Ơ2ÌÍT ftl ZEt iZi Z-ex I usually go to Osaka on the Shinkansen but sometimes D go by plane. 2. 0li f li IKAW ZKt iJli-r if 1 õ Ư lù Y T Saturday is a day off but sometimes meetings are held. IZ I1X t r Ó 4 -7 z 5 ko z L c L z 5 Japanese middle schools teach English to their students but there are some schools which teach French. PRACTICE KEY SENTENCES 1. ZiZiXJi ABCT li c b T t Ố 2. áb tz c J . cut NOTES 75 1. Mr. Smith is a lawyer who works for ABC. 2. Kyushu is a warm region but in winter it sometimes snows. Vocabulary it snows lit. snow falls tỳĩ snow fall EXERCISES I Noun-modifying patterns Memorize the following sentences. A. 1. ZHli L Ù lct TAo a 2. HAWAII Met A Ỳ AT-To tz li A 1 v-r. 3. CHíi ir tz AT Ao Illi 4. AM 5 lz -y X Xi 8 WTAo L Ò 4 í i 5. AA Ali JjffliATAo Vi tz 6. M ti -itz AAAii Alib LAoATAo B. 1. ẩsỌỈ-ỬAo ẠACÒ t L 1 L 2. fob fro Afr tz-ftex z Ltza L 3. 4. 5. J_2_n_ 2-Xìlả ò c Ó D -E 7 -b A c A tz IC i L tzo Ct AA o c Ali c. 1. tf Hli ATTo 2. ẩóHli XTA A Ù-4 4. AỶ Pr T ỈT7Í o - ư Ầ 5 A II Make dialogues by changing the underlined parts as in the examples given. A. ex. Q c fill 4nITAtf A z Ỳ 76 EXERCISES 1. rỉ TZ ỉ rt ỈVH 2. b 4 lz Ỳ -t 9 ư L ỉ t 3. iZĨĂầi- 4. r 4-Ỳ V5 ỉ ỉ ị B. ex. Q -TAi-tf U ff