Tham khảo tài liệu 'japanese for busy people 6', ngoại ngữ, nhật - pháp - hoa- others phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | nt o sleepy L LU earthquake ứU-t Ò war fc til funeral fz 9 -5 be enough Ỉ If b plan schedule rose ball-point pen trousers contract SHORT DIALOGUES 1. A Vi L li MỲ IỈÌÍ . B HỈTti . fiTfllX. L U C L-n i-To A What do you do in your free time B In my free time Well I listen to music and things like that. 2. 12 0 0 I A HiLAUo u tz i iu 3 y y ỳ L fr o -t z i2 Zi- A Lili t o T Ỉ f T tzÍ Watanabe Are you getting used to living in Japan Johnson Well little by little. Watanabe If you re at all inconvenienced please tell me about it anytime. t b LU 0 xtf- y-k tn ZLA-UT-t L iW .L-oU Hili L 0 L i-Ttf o r-r i áóí L i db .Mi ỶrhTTo rt õ L t uu b A . Lili L -i Liti o z z IZ 3ẼSẾỲ LT tz L . o TẤ. h Kimura About tomorrow s athletic meeting what happens if it rains Suzuki If it doesn t stop by six in the morning it ll be called off. Kimura If it s not clear lit. not understandable what should I do Suzuki In that case please make sure by phoning here. 134 SHORT DIALOGUES J Vocabulary -tH T-o A ft 6 Mfo -r-9 c i Af f - TL ỳjh I rt i L tz Lm living life get used to little by little suffix be mconvenienced troubled embarrassed any- sometime big meeting conference tournament stop discontinuance interruption make sure QUIZ I Read this lesson s Opening Dialogue and answer the following questions. 1. X ỉ X Í All AC A TA b L i L t-- a 2. Ali u x AA Ờ-H 3. A VC Wil AT M X 61 AA ÀV AAHiAAo . a 4. X ỉ X Í All AH il AAo 0 2 n ư L A lí Ò X Al- lib 5. AAZ A u ẳ-ttA o iW li HỈ6 Ml- rtầiỲ 4AhAl-TH í ỉ ỉ. i t ĩ A II Put the appropriate particles in the parentheses. 1. M li -A V X A 2. ÍĂÍÍ B . i to 3. M V A Hí Li-To M m AT Hi-AAAo 4. 6 BA A6 HAb LT A L k o QUIZ 135 5. 1 iè 2 ị ư ĩ 1 6. AHIi t 9 1 9 7. Ặ -A itt. m Tfi o ÍM2 9 Ặiộlrt L7 04uz Tt ỈTo K HÁ ị ftoTH 2 t o 5 t III Complete the questions so that they fit the answers. 1. ậ ẤTtto ị 7Mf 7 -21-xỳ M T 6 t AiLTo c 2. CKíi S HT tìÁ CtK i r V I3LTA t ỉt. 3. Oi MAmt- ẮTtt. 11 i L ÌẾỲ T6 xW Ấ Ct T b L IV Complete the sentences .