Tham khảo tài liệu 'japanese for busy people 9', ngoại ngữ, nhật - pháp - hoa- others phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | L IJX. rD 9 I rt 9 L 2 I ỉ X. I r 9 b J i-Ttf b r li-oTK t 9 V ito 3 75 5 0 77áóZ 6 ííỉto li L T 0 0 9 Ỳ PM b ị io D lỉ-o H 9 I 400 t 13 A Wo Ỉ MZ ộaóim - ưwt 7 wt 0 i-To 9 li b 0 -f- - J l lt ttỉ L li V L ri - iDr itic 7 i s C36T -to - Í h ỉỳ 1J. 5 75 _hUrt U b ỶƯKỊí Clc tf ItT itiặiỉ L 1 i t n -j 7 3HỈÍ 0 1 z 9 I A r 11-6 A li li C c l c 9 J 9 tirMii Jj 75 ft ỉ Ĩ JtÊI ỈTo A li IZ Ì JZI1 LT. ư-ịiữi li 7 liti A mỉto T 224 Have you heard the term sakura zensenl The flower typifying spring in Japan is undoubtedly sakura the cherry blossom. As spring approaches people predict the day the cherry trees will blossom and agree with friends on a day to go blossom viewing. Japan is an island country extending in a long line from south to north. Kyushu Shikoku Honshu Hokkaido there s quite a difference in temperatures so the day the cherries blossom differs somewhat too. In the southern part of Kyushu the cherries bloom around the end of March but in Hokkaido they bloom around the beginning of May. Thus the cherry blossom front a line starting in the south of the Japanese archipelago and moving north shows the state of the cherry trees blossoming. This takes as long as forty days. In addition to the cherry blossom front there are other flower fronts such as the apricot blossom front and the azalea front. Apricots start in Kyushu a whole lot earlier than the cherry trees but they reach Hokkaido at almost the same time as the cherries . Therefore if you travel to Hokkaido in early or mid May you can see various spring flowers at the same time. On the other hand when it gets to be autumn the autumn leaves front makes its way from north to south dyeing the trees in the mountains crimson or yellow. With flower viewing in the spring maple leaf excursions in the autumn and so on people enjoy each season in turn . Vocabulary i b-tfZ-ex. èt-iỉĩ c z If cherry blossom front front word M t t n Ĩ t AA V-a y J f ì Ỉ typify represent representation undoubtedly people approach predict H .