Coastal Planning and Management - Chapter 3

Concepts of coastal planning and management - Phát triển ven biển các sáng kiến cụ thể kế hoạch và quản lý là một phản ứng chung của chính phủ với nhiều vấn đề được thảo luận trong chương trước. Những vấn đề này sẽ chỉ được giải quyết có hiệu quả nếu quản lý được hướng dẫn trong việc đưa ra quyết định của mình và có thể lập kế hoạch để tránh những vấn đề trong tương lai bằng cách tham gia một cách tiếp cận chủ động. Chương này cung cấp một khuôn khổ khái niệm cho. | Chapter 3 Concepts of coastal planning and management Development of specific coastal planning and management initiatives is a common response by government to the many issues discussed in the previous chapter. These issues will only be effectively resolved if managers are guided in their decision making and can plan to avoid future problems by taking a proactive approach. This chapter provides a conceptual framework for decision making and a common understanding of terms and definitions. Tools for tackling individual problems are discussed in Chapter 4 and coastal planning approaches are analysed in Chapter 5. The chapter has five main sections. First the most important terms and guiding statements for coastal management and planning are outlined. Second the development and application of overreaching concepts are discussed with examples of how they have been interpreted and implemented by governments. Third coastal planning concepts are described and analysed. Fourth choices in the design of administrative arrangements to implement coastal management and planning programmes are discussed. Finally the monitoring and evaluation of coastal programmes are described and analysed. Terminology One of the difficulties of writing about a process of management is that many of the words which form the vocabulary of management are hopelessly overworked. Words of common usage have been taken and given a specific meaning by different authors unfortunately they have not all been given the same interpretation. The result is a problem of semantics which can act as a barrier to a common understanding. Hussey 1991 p. 38 A review of the words used by coastal managers and planners reveals that the same terms are frequently given different meanings. In most cases Copyright 1999 Taylor Francis Group it is clear what is intended by their use but it nevertheless makes comparison of coastal programmes from different parts of the world difficult. Three areas of terminology used in .

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