Coastal Planning and Management - Chapter 5

Coastal management planning - Kế hoạch quản lý ven biển có thể là các tài liệu rất mạnh mẽ. Họ có thể biểu đồ một khóa học cho sự phát triển trong tương lai và quản lý của một đoạn bờ biển và / hoặc hỗ trợ trong việc giải quyết vấn đề quản lý hiện hành. Điều này lợi ích kép là sức mạnh lớn nhất của kế hoạch quản lý ven biển: họ có thể có một mắt về tương lai, nhưng vẫn được dựa vững chắc trong hiện tại. Kế hoạch quản lý ven biển cũng. | Chapter 5 Coastal management planning Coastal management plans can be very powerful documents. They can chart out a course for the future development and management of a stretch of coast and or assist in resolving current management problems. This dual benefit is the greatest strength of coastal management plans they can have an eye to the future but still be firmly based in the present. Coastal management plans can also be used as part of any coastal programme aiming to bring together integrate the various strands of government private sector and community activities on the coast. As such coastal management plans have the potential to play a vital role in the successful integration of various coastal management initiatives. Finally coastal managers use of coastal management plans can act as a kind of melting pot which helps blend together the various tools described in the previous chapter to deal with a range of issues. In doing so coastal management plans can assist in resolving conflicting uses and ensuring that management objectives are met. As will be shown below this can enable coastal managers to tackle difficult and or sensitive issues in a holistic non-threatening way. In order to present a structured discussion of the various types of coastal management plans the first section of this chapter presents a discussion of the different ways in which they can be classified. One of these classification types is then used to structure the description of coastal management plans whether they are integrated or subject non-integrated plans. Last the processes by which coastal management plans are produced is described with special attention paid to designing a planning process which engenders not only a sense of ownership of the plan with stakeholders but also a commitment to its implementation. Classifying coastal management plans Plans used in the management of the coast can be classified according to a number of criteria which form the basis of the .