Concrete Formwork Svstems - Part 2

Horizontal Formwork Systems: Hand-Set Systems - NGANG ván khuôn hệ thống phân loại Hệ thống ván khuôn ngang được sử dụng để tạm thời hỗ trợ ngang công việc cụ thể như tấm bê tông. Có bảy hệ thống ngang hình thành có thể được sử dụng để hỗ trợ các loại sàn khác nhau. Đó là: (1) hệ thống gỗ thông thường (dạng thanh), (2) hệ thống thông thường bằng kim loại (nhôm) (cải tiến hình thức thanh), (3) bay ván khuôn hệ thống, (4) cột gắn kết củng cố hệ thống, (5) đường hầm hình thành hệ thống, dầm,. | 2 Horizontal Formwork Systems Hand-Set Systems Horizontal Formwork Systems Classification Conventional Wood Formwork System Conventional Metal Systems Special Horizontal Formwork System Copyright Marcel Dekker Inc. All rights reserved. HORIZONTAL FORMWORK SYSTEMS CLASSIFICATION Horizontal formwork systems are used to temporarily support horizontal concrete work such as concrete slabs. There are seven horizontal forming systems that can be used to support different slab types. They are 1 conventional wood system stick form 2 conventional metal aluminum system improved stick form 3 flying formwork system 4 column-mounted shoring system 5 tunnel forming system 6 joist-slab forming system and 7 dome forming system. Joist-slab and dome forms are steel or fiberglass pans usually placed above the plywood sheathing and thus can be used with any of the first five horizontal formwork systems. As a result they will not be considered in this book as separate systems. Formwork systems for horizontal concrete work can be also classified into two main categories hand-set systems and craneset systems. Conventional wood systems and conventional metal systems are classified as hand-set systems. In hand-set systems different formwork elements can be handled by one or two laborers. Flying formwork systems column-mounted shoring systems and tunnel formwork are classified under crane-set systems. In crane-set systems adequate crane services must be available to handle formwork components. Copyright Marcel Dekker Inc. All rights reserved. CONVENTIONAL WOOD FORMWORK SYSTEM The conventional wood system is sometimes referred to as the stick form or hand-over-hand method. Conventional wood system includes formwork for slabs beams and foundations. The system is generally built of lumber or a combination of lumber and plywood. Formwork pieces are made and erected in situ. For stripping conventional wood systems are stripped piece by piece then cleaned and may be reused