Concrete Formwork Svstems - Part 4

Horizontal Formwork Systems: Crane-Set Systems - Cẩu thiết lập hệ thống ván khuôn thường được xây dựng và lắp ráp như một đơn vị lớn có thể di chuyển theo chiều ngang hoặc theo chiều dọc từ tầng sàn bằng cần cẩu. Kết quả là, các dịch vụ cần cẩu đầy đủ là cần thiết để xử lý các hệ thống này. Chương này diễn tả hệ thống cần cẩu đặt ván khuôn sau đây: các hình thức bay, columnmounted củng cố hệ thống, và các hình thức đường hầm. Các hệ thống này được đặc trưng bởi chi phí. | 4 Horizontal Formwork Systems Crane-Set Systems Flying Formwork System Column-Mounted Shoring Systems Tunnel Formwork System Copyright Marcel Dekker Inc. All rights reserved. Crane-set formwork systems are typically constructed and assembled as one large unit that can be moved horizontally or vertically from floor to floor by cranes. As a result adequate crane services are required for handling these systems. This chapter deals with the following crane-set formwork systems flying forms columnmounted shoring system and tunnel forms. These systems are characterized by their high initial cost and their rapid floor cycle time. FLYING FORMWORK SYSTEM Flying formwork is a relatively new formwork system that was developed to reduce labor cost associated with erecting and dismantling formwork. The name flying formwork is used because forms are flown from story to story by a crane. Flying form systems are best utilized for high-rise multistory buildings such as hotels and apartment buildings where many reuses are needed. Flying Formwork Components Flying formwork is available in different forms that suit the particular needs of the project. The following components are found in most flying formwork systems available in North America and Europe. Figure shows a model of flying truss system components. Copyright Marcel Dekker Inc. All rights reserved. Figure Components of flying framework. Sheathing Panels Flying forms usually consist of large sheathing panels that are typically made of plywood or plyform. Plywood with standard size of 4 X 8 ft X m allows fewer joints and produces a high quality of concrete. The thickness of plywood used is a design function. Figure shows flying formwork system with a sheathing panel on the top. Aluminum Joist Nailers Sheathing panels are supported by aluminum nailer-type joists Figure . Each joist is a standard I beam with a wide top flange that allows a wood nailer to be inserted to provide a .