Tài liệu động từ tiếng Pháp - Part I Living in the Here and Now: The Present Indicative - Chapter 1

Living in the Here and Now: The Present Indicative Trong phần này. . . ông hiện chỉ mang tính là một tâm trạng thực tế, một cái gì đó đang xảy ra. Đó là một căng thẳng đơn giản mà nói với bạn về một cái gì đó tồn tại trong hiện tại, ở đây và bây giờ. Trong phần này, bao gồm các thì hiện tại, bao gồm cả ba ý nghĩa riêng biệt của nó bằng tiếng Anh. Ví dụ, je Parle có nghĩa là tôi nói, tôi đang nói, và tôi nói chuyện. Tất cả ba ý nghĩa. | Part I Living in the Here and Now The Present Indicative The 5th Wave By Pich Tennant I just -think t vie re going to be in a ioreign country. Vie should knovi their units o measurement better b -g the via-g hovr s your un litre de espresso In this part. 7 he present indicative is a mood of fact of something that is happening. It s a simple tense that tells you about something that exists in the present in the here and now. In this part I cover the present tense including its three distinct meanings in English. For example je parle means I speak I am speaking and I do speak. All three meanings are possible for all verbs in the present indicative tense. In Chapter 2 I focus on regular present tense verbs. In Chapter 3 I delve into spelling-change verbs. Chapter 4 jumps into irregular but still fun present tense verbs. In Chapter 5 I explain pronominal verbs. Knowing the conjugation of verbs in the present indicative can help you form other tenses such as the imperfect the subjunctive and the present participle. And finally in Chapter 6 if you re having trouble with present participles or gerunds this chapter can help. Chapter 1 Verbs 101 The Lowdown on Verbs Jn This Chapter Looking at and classifying verbs Identifying transitive and intransitive verbs Considering mood Recognizing the tenses Eyeing pronouns yB Whether you re speaking English German Spanish or French just to mention a few languages a verb is an important word that indicates an action for example Je parle means I am speaking I speak and I do speak or a state of being for example Je suis optimiste means I am optimistic . The verb is an essential component in a sentence because the sentence is incomplete without it. Verbs are the only words that change their forms in order to indicate the present the future and the past. A verb can also have several complements or provide further information. It can be followed by a noun an adverb a preposition or a clause. It can also be followed by another verb which .

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