Tài liệu về động từ tiếng Pháp - Part I Living in the Here and Now: The Present Indicative - Chapter 4

Wrestling with Some Irregular Conjugations - Phá vỡ các động từ bất thường Đưa các động từ khác nhau không thường xuyên với nhau tôi n Chương 2, tôi giới thiệu những động từ thường xuyên có nguyên thể kết thúc bằng-er,-ir, và lại. Một số động từ với những kết thúc, tuy nhiên, có một liên hợp bất thường. Họ đang khó khăn hơn để liên hợp bởi vì họ không có một gốc nhất quán trong suốt liên hợp của họ, nhưng hầu hết có kết thúc tương tự, làm cho họ một chút dễ dàng hơn để tìm. | Chapter 4 Wrestling with Some Irregular Conjugations Jn This Chapter Breaking down irregular verbs Putting different irregular verbs together i . n Chapter 2 I introduce the regular verbs whose infinitives end in -er -ir and -re. Some verbs with these endings however have an irregular conjugation. They re harder to conjugate because they don t have a consistent stem throughout their conjugation but most have similar endings making them a little easier to figure out. In this chapter I start with the most common and most frequently used irregular verbs. I then focus on different groupings of irregular verbs and show you how to conjugate them all. If you want to work on other not-quite-so-common irregular verbs you can find more in Appendix C. Conjugating Irregular Verbs From your experiences you probably realize that nothing is run-of-the-mill. Just like in life where you may know a few eccentric people French is similar with its own unique verbs. They re not at all like the regular verbs you find in Chapter 2 or even Chapter 3 . These verbs are irregular and in a world of their own. This section first covers the four most commonly used irregular verbs in the French language and then delves into other frequently used irregular verbs. Focusing on the four most common irregular verbs The following are the most common irregular verbs in the French language. I wish I had a clear-cut easy way for you to master these irregular beasts. The only suggestion I can make is that you study each one and practice using it I m sure each will be become second nature to you in no time. A good way to make these verbs your own is to practice saying them out loud to try to build up a certain rhythm. You may even try making a song out of the conjugations using your favorite melody. Even with the following irregular conjugations you may notice some consistencies for example the nous form in French always ends in -ons and the vous form almost always ends in -ez exceptions include être dire

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