Assessing the Impact of Transport and Energy Infrastructure on Poverty Reduction - Chapter 8

FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS - Các chương tiếp theo thảo luận về các tác động chính sách và hoạt động của công việc này và ưu tiên cho nghiên cứu trong tương lai. Định nghĩa nghèo Một trong những kết luận đầu tiên trở nên rõ ràng từ bình luận của văn học và nghiên cứu quốc gia là các định nghĩa của nghèo đói và giảm nghèo rất nhiều và đa dạng. Nhằm mục đích nghiên cứu cross-quốc gia so sánh, chuẩn nghèo quốc tế là thường thiết lập tương đương với thu nhập mỗi đầu người $ 2 mỗi ngày. | Chapter 8 FINDINGS AND CONCLUSIONS This chapter summarizes the lessons learned from the literature review and project review and the three country studies about the effects of transport and energy infrastructure investments on poverty reduction. The following chapters discuss the policy and operational implications of this work and priorities for future research. Study Parameters The first goal of this RETA was to contribute to knowledge by identifying gaps in current information and conducting research to fill those gaps in selected areas. The first gap identified was the absence of transport- and energy-related research distinguishing between poor and nonpoor households in the rural population of developing countries. The research that does exist has focused heavily on the impacts of large-scale public infrastructure investments such as rural roads or rural electrification programs. By comparison relatively little knowledge is available concerning the impacts on the lives of the rural poor of sector policy change changes in transport or energy service provision and transport modes other than roads and energy sources other than grid electricity. Finally research is relatively scarce on the transport and energy needs of the urban poor and the impacts of transport and energy investments in an urban context. Other relatively unexplored areas include the roles of the private and public sectors in poverty reduction intrahousehold inequities gender issues environmental impacts and institutional reform and governance issues. The three country case studies have contributed significantly to our knowledge about the participation of the poor especially the rural poor in the benefits of transport and energy infrastructure investments. They touch only lightly on the other topics. These areas remain potentially fruitful fields for future research. Definitions of Poverty One of the first conclusions that became clear from a review of the literature and the three country studies

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