Precast concrete materials, manufacture, properties and usage - Chapter 5

PRODUCTION— GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS - Trong giao dịch với chủ đề phức tạp của sản xuất, nó cảm thấy được thuận tiện hơn để thảo luận về các khía cạnh bao gồm hầu hết những cân nhắc trong bất kỳ quá trình đúc sẵn trong chương này, và mô tả quy trình cụ thể trong chương sau. 5,1 NHÂN VIÊN Thiết lập bất kỳ quy trình sản xuất đòi hỏi phải có ít nhất hai người ở các vị trí quản lý được trực tiếp liên quan đến sản xuất mà. Vấn đề có thể phát sinh bất cứ lúc. | 5 PRODUCTION- GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS In dealing with the complex subject of production it was felt to be more convenient to discuss general aspects covering most of the considerations in any precast process in this chapter and to describe the specific processes in the following chapter. STAFF Setting up any production process requires at least two people in managerial positions to be directly associated with that production. Problems can arise at any time and hold-ups can be avoided if decisions are instant and accurate. Whether these people be works managers chargehands foremen or working in the factory directors is irrelevant. A minimum of two is always required in case one of them should fall sick or take a holiday. The workers themselves need to be thoroughly trained in the particular process before supervision can be lowered to the minimum level one supervisor to 6-10 workers . They should be educated to a level of full knowledge of what they are making and for what purpose it is intended and encouraged to make suggestions in order to achieve a high degree of job satisfaction. Some machine-controlled processes are quality-controlled by the machine and payment can be based upon the number of units sold. Piece-work payment for vibrated wet-cast units and one or two of the machine processes is not advisable as such payment can result in high-water-content mixes with subsequent detriment in strength durability etc. The most important of the workers is the person in charge of the mixer irrespective of whether he or she controls a console levers and taps or anything else. All other workers rely on this person for a mix that will satisfy the process and property requirements. Copyright Applied Science Publishers Ltd 1982 Backing up this team should be one or two maintenance engineers with mechanical and or electrical knowledge to carry out maintenance and ensure smooth running. In addition one can have steel fixers for the manufacture of reinforcement cages and .

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