Precast concrete materials, manufacture, properties and usage - Chapter 9

QUALITY ASSURANCE - Chương này, mặc dù tương đối ngắn, xứng đáng là một nơi cá nhân trong cuốn sách này bởi vì tại thời điểm viết chương trình đã hoạt động trong các nước công nghiệp của thế giới cho phép các công ty, Nha Kiểm tra và các loại tương tự để được đăng ký theo một quốc giaĐề án Bảo đảm chất lượng. Các đề án, nắm lấy tất cả các ngành công nghiệp và phòng thí nghiệm và không chỉ đảm bảo một tiêu chuẩn tối thiểu về chất lượng sản phẩm hay dịch vụ. | 9 QUALITY ASSURANCE GENERAL This chapter although a relatively short one deserves an individual place in this book because at the time of writing schemes are already operational in the industrialised countries of the world which enable Companies Test Houses and the like to be registered under a National Quality Assurance Scheme. The schemes embrace all industries and laboratories and not only guarantee a minimum standard of quality in product or service but also encourage International trade in these two items. Developing countries will only be developing for a limited number of years and the scheme will spread and it is in all parties interests to encourage such spread. The term Quality Assurance is not to be confused with Quality Control which is only a part of assurance because Quality Assurance needs to be what its name means an assurance that every assessment of capability has been undertaken. Since the Quality Assurance that any part offers has to be assessed the assessors must be under the jurisdiction of an independent National or International body who can use their own staff or approved external assessors. The business is not a simple one because Quality Assurance in precast concrete manufacture and or testing involves 1. Regular inspections of the premises Assessors . 2. Interviewing personnel responsible for the various activities Assessors . 3. Examination of all procedures in the manufacture and or testing Assessors and Company . 4. Keeping Record Cards on all machinery equipment etc. Company and Assessors . See Chapter 5. 5. Calibration of all test equipment Company with Assessors checking . Copyright Applied Science Publishers Ltd 1982 6. Documentation of input of all materials Company with Assessors checking . 7. Documentation of output of all products Company with Assessors checking . 8. Documentation of all test data Company with Assessors checking . 9. Setting up calibration and maintenance schedules for all facilities in use Company . 10. .