English grammar causative verbs

Động từ nhân gây bệnh được sử dụng để chỉ ra rằng một trong những người gây ra một người thứ hai để làm điều gì đó. Một số động từ nhân gây bệnh được nhận được, thực hiện, có, cho, trình tự, muốn, nguyên nhân, cho phép, giúp đỡ, giữ, lực lượng . | INTRODUCTION Causative verb are used to indicate that one person causes a second person to do something. Some causative verbs are get, make, have, let, order, want, cause, allow, help, keep, force Definition Causative Verbs & Similar Structures Make Make as a causative verb expresses the idea that the person requires another person to do something FORM: [make + person + verb] Examples: A good soccer coach makes his team practice regularly. The commander made the soldiers march all night in the rain. Causative Verbs & Similar Structures 2. Have Have as a causative verb expresses the idea that the person wants something to be done for them. This causative verb is often used when speaking about various services. There are two forms of the causative verb have. Usage 1: (Active) Subject + Have + Person + Base Form of Verb Examples: They had John arrive early. She had her children cook dinner for her. Causative Verbs & Similar Structures 2. Have Usage 2 (Passive) Subject + Have + Object + Past Participle Examples: I had my hair cut last Saturday. She had the car washed at the weekend. Causative Verbs & Similar Structures 3. Let Let to allow someone to do something ; to give permisson; to allow something to happen FORM: [let + person/thing + verb] Examples: The parents let their children stay up late and watch the movie. They let their dog sleep in their bed at night. They let the water tank empty so that they could clean it out. Causative Verbs & Similar Structures 4. Get Get to make someone do something with a little persuasion; to convince; not as strong as make/have. It uses the infinitive form of the verb (to + VERB), not the base form. FORM: [get + person/thing + to + verb] Examples: Tom got his parents to buy him an iPod. She got the horse to relax. We got the manager to give us a discount. Causative Verbs & Similar Structures The active causative verbs This is the basic structure of the active form, along with some more examples: Causative Verbs & Similar .