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Ở mỗi giai đoạn của đoạn zig-zag của họ thông qua các tạp chí thể hiện trong hình. , các phôi được tái liên kết, cho phép một tạp chí trống để điền lại mà không có phôi chồng chéo. Ở giải pháp đang được hiển thị trong hình. b, 4 tạp chí, cho ví dụ cho các thành phần xi lanh, được bố trí trên | 22 Cutting Functional sequence Pneumatic waste cutter a Principle of waste material cutter b Pneumatic feed unit 1 Press ram with blanking punch 2 Strip of material 3 Lower part of tool 4 Electrical feeler 5 Pair of conveyor rollers 6 Pneumatic cylinder 7 Cutter blade 8 Pressure piece 9 Linear unit 10 Clamp plate 11 Strip thickness adjustment With certain presses for example hydraulic ones it is not possible to derive an auxiliary motion by mechanical means. In these cases pneumatic drives are a good alternative. In the application shown above workpieces are punched out of strip material and it is then necessary to cut the remaining lattice-like waste material into pieces. The pneumatic drive selected should be capable of completing the cutting operation with adequate reserve power. Furthermore the cutting blade should be inclined to one side of the production line to produce an oblique cut over a greater distance. This reduces the cutting force required although not the cutting work . If the press in question is not equipped with roller feed this can also be carried out by pneumatic means using a combination of diaphragm pressure units and a linear unit. The diaphragm pressure units are of very flat design and are advanced alternately in an advance return rhythm. Pneumatic components are a highly suitable means of retrofitting devices of this kind to existing systems. Suitable components Twin cylinder ADVU. Linear unit DPZJ. Proximity switch SM. Pneumatic single pilot valves. Roller lever valve RIO. Clamping module EV. Mounting accessories Fittings 36 99 Examples of pneumatic applications 23 Deburring 1 2 3 4 5 6 Deburring castings 1 Press 2 Deburring plunger 3 Aperture plate 4 Gripper 5 Dbburred workpiece casting 6 Output chute 7 Conveyor belt 8 Stop 9 Counterweight 10 Swivel unit 11 Lifting slide 12 Mounting bracket The example shows the feed to a deburring press. The handling device picks up the oriented castings from the conveyor using a twin-jaw gripper and .

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