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Hàn hơi ga hút cánh tay để trích xuất các chất độc hại 1 hút ống 2 5/3-way điều khiển hướng van 3 khí nén xi lanh 4 kết nối doanh 5 khiên 6 chuyển giao hệ thống 7 cơ sở phôi 8 Rotary đơn vị 9 Burner chủ 10 Khung hình 11 đơn vị tuyến tính 12 brazed lắp ráp | 34 Extraction Brazing station with suction arm to extract hazardous substances 1 Suction hose 2 5 3-way directional control valve 3 Pneumatic cylinder 4 Connector joint 5 SMlld 6 Transfer system 7 Base workpiece 8 Rotary unit 9 Burner holder 10 Frame 11 Linear unit 12 Brazed assembly Suction extractor arms have the task of removing as efficiently as possible air laden with hazardous substances smoke gases vapours dust or paint spray from the point at which these substances are released. The example shows the brazing of bushes. In the workstation the workpiece assembly is lifted from the conveyor belt and turned at working speed through 360 . During this time the suction shield is lowered pneumatically to a point close to the emission point. The shield is lifted again before the workpiece assembly is moved on to allow freedom of movement. Depending on the size and weight of the suction extractor device it may be necessary to consider whether an additional linear guide is necessary or whether the lateral forces acting on the piston rod are still within the permissible range. Suitable components Standard cylinder DNC. 5 3-way valve MFH. Rod clevis SG. and mounting attachments Proximity switch SME. Linear unit SPZ. 48 99 Examples of pneumatic applications 35 Feeding Alternate feeding of a production line 1 Frame 2 Pneumatic linear unit 3 Slide 4 Rodless linear unit 5 Magzinine 6 Conveyor in-feed to production line In the case of devices for the surface treatment of workpieces for example printing or the application of adhesive workpieces must be placed on a conveyor belt in rapid succession. A normal pick-and-place cycle is frequently not able to achieve the desired level of performance. This example shows a solution to this problem in the form of rapid alternate feed from two magazines. This means that the setdown and magazine pick-up operations run simultaneously. The two vertical units used are mounted on a common slide. If very short cycle times are required the .

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