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Trong thời gian này, lá chắn hút được hạ xuống bằng khí nén đến một điểm gần đến điểm phát thải. Lá chắn được nâng lên một lần nữa trước khi lắp ráp phôi được chuyển sang cho phép tự do di chuyển. Tùy thuộc vào kích thước và trọng lượng của thiết bị hút vắt, nó có thể là cần thiết | 58 Lifting 1 2 3 Balancer load lifting device 1 Roller arm 2 Roller 3 Lifting unit 4 Cable chain belt or strap 5 Mechacically or p neu-matically-driven gripper device 6 Pneumatic piloting 7 Auxiliary air regulator Balancers are hand-guided lifting devices which can be used to hold suspended loads against the force of gravity. This avoids the need for severe physical effort. The motions of balancers are not pre-programmed. The required compensating force is generated pneumatically usually with the aid of a cylinder. In future Fluidic Muscle will also be used giving lower weight and more dynamic operation. The balancer circuit in the illustration is designed for a single load. There are also circuits that allow a selection of several preset loads. In order to make it possible to handle any desired weights within the safe working limit in any desired order a weighing device must be installed between the load carrier and the lifting device. The resulting weight value is then used to control the pneumatic counter-holding force . Balancers have become very common in recent years. Suitable components Standard cylinder DNG. or DNC. Pneumatic single pilot valve. Proximity switch SM. One-way flow control valve GRLA. Pressure regulator LRMA. Non-return valve H. OR gate OS. Mounting accessories Fittings 72 99 Examples of pneumatic applications 59 Linking Linking two assembly machines 1 Slide 2 Rodless linear unit 3 Long-stroke cylinder as linking device 4 Lifting slide 5 Suction cup 6 Tool 7 Insertion unit 8 Finished workpiece magazine A B C D Workpieces for assembly In machine 1 the basic component A and the joining part B are laid in succession into the tool suggested in the illustration. The tool travels into the machine and the assembly operation takes place. The actual assembly unit is not shown. The partially finished assembly is then picked up by suction cups and fed into the tool of machine 2 where the joining parts C and D are fed in one after the other. The assembly

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