Handling Machining Assembly Organisation Pneumatics Electronics Mechanics Sensorics phần 8

Xử lý đơn vị vượt qua các ổ đĩa 1 Slide với miếng kẹp an toàn vành đai có răng 2 Khu vực làm việc kết thúc hiệu ứng 3 đơn vị tuyến tính là phù hợp với yêu cầu định vị 4 trục ngang hướng dẫn bởi các con lăn song sinh 5 vành đai có răng với các con lăn dẫn cạnh | 69 Positioning Handling unit with traversing drives 1 Slide with clamp pieces to secure toothed belt 2 Working area of end effector 3 Linear unit as appropriate to positioning requirements 4 Horizontal axis guided by twin rollers 5 Toothdd belt w ith hdge guide rollers An end effector can be positioned on an X Y plane by means of traversing drives as shown in the illustration above. Motion is transmitted to the end effector via toothed belts. The graphs show which drives need to be activated to produce an end effector motion in a given direction. If it is necessary to approach a large number of positions this naturally requires freely programmable positioning axes. The size and position of the working area are governed by the dimensions of the motion components selected. This principle can be used for both vertical configurations wall gantries and horizontal configurations cross-slide units . The choice of linear guides will depend on the forces involved. The end effector can be any one of various devices such as a spray gun power screwdriver power wrench drill spindle labeller or inspection camera. As the drives are fixed and the toothed belts have very low mass highly dynamic motion sequences can be achieved. For pin-point working it is advisable to fit additional clamps devices to the slide or horizontal effector guide. Suitable components Positioning drive DGE. . SP or DGE. .ZR or pneumatic servo axis DGPI. Gripper HG. Multi-axis positioning controller MPS. Pneumatic single pilot valve. Mounting accessories Fittings 84 99 Examples of pneumatic applications 70 Press-fitting Press-fitting clamp sleeves 1 Basic workpiece 2 Pneumatic cylinder 3 Clamp sleeve workpiece to be fitted 4 Support table 5 c orni area fof finishes workpieces 6 Conveyor chain drive 7 Motor for conveyor Certain workpieces tend to deform easily during processing and clamping. In the interests of accuracy and to prevent deformity these must be fitted with a temporary clamp sleeve to allow .

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