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Một kết thúc phản ứng có thể được đặt trên một mặt phẳng X / Y có nghĩa là các ổ đĩa đi qua, như thể hiện trong hình minh họa trên. Chuyển động được chuyển đến cuối tác động qua dây đai có răng. Các đồ thị cho thấy ổ đĩa cần phải được kích hoạt để tạo ra một kết thúc hiệu ứng chuyển động theo một hướng nhất định. | 81 Re-positioning Functional sequence Tin-can transferring device a Schematic representation of transfer system b Four-link mechanism plan view 1 Conveyor beam 2 Suction cup 3 Feed conveyor belt 4 Workpiece can 5 Outfedd conveyor belt 6 Lifting cylinder 7 Link cam 8 Articulated arm Even in the age of electronically controlled drives mechanical transfer devices with a non-uniform action still have their uses thanks to the high repetition accuracy which they offer together with their low investment cost. The example above shows an application in which cans are transferred in groups from one conveyor belt to another which is running significantly slower. The cans are picked up by their tops via suction cups which means that it is permissible for their other exterior surfaces to have areas of wet ink or paint. The overall device has been designed as a dedicated solution and has only limited flexibility. Instead of the short-stroke power cylinder it would also be possible to use special lifting suction cups. These are units in which a piston drives a suction cup onto a workpiece and then lifts this once vacuum has built up under the cup. Suitable components Bellows suction cup lifting suction cup Vacuum generator VAD. or vacuum generator with ejector pulse VAK. Vacuum efficiency valve ISV. Compact cylinder ADVU. Proximity switch SM. Mounting accessories and fittings 96 99 Examples of pneumatic applications 82 Sawing U Swing saw for round timber a Design principle of swing saw b Clamping device 1 Safety guard 2 Saw blade 3 Tree trunk 4 Roller conveyor 5 Swivel arm 6 Power cylinder 7 Proportional valve 8 Clamping bridge 9 Pneumatic cylinder Fluid power drives have proved ideal for use in the woodworking industry thanks to their robust design although hydraulic drives are frequently used. For appii-cations such as X Y positioning clamping guiding and moving of wood workpieces and tools pneumatic actuators can also be used to good effect. The invaluable advantages .

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