Học tiếng anh qua các chủ đề và đối thoại

Tham khảo tài liệu 'học tiếng anh qua các chủ đề và đối thoại', ngoại ngữ, anh văn giao tiếp phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | Ạ- - Vocabulary Conversation-1 Table of Contents Topics Page No 1 Vocabulary Food Beverages 1 2 Vocabulary Behaviour of persons 3 3 Vocabulary Personality Traits 5 4 Vocabulary Moods 7 5 Vocabulary Persons Personalities 9 6 Vocabulary Words denoting Trade Profession 11 7 Vocabulary Literary words 12 8 Vocabulary Political Economic Social system 13 9 Vocabulary Important Isms 14 10 Conversation Enquiry about Health 16 11 Conversation Doctor and Patient - Chest pain 17 12 Conversation Doctor and Patient - Fracture 18 13 Conversation Doctor and Patient - Dentist 19 14 Conversation - Transfer of electricity meter 20 15 Conversation House 21 16 Conversation New connection 22 17 Conversation - At the bus stand 23 18 Conversation Excess billing 24 19 Conversation Car accident 25 20 Conversation Purchase of a car 26 21 Conversation Opening an account 27 22 Conversation - At the factory 28 British School of Language A unit of SatinKa Lifestyle Services Pvt. Ltd. ị VOCABULARY OF DAILY USE Introduction to FOOD AND BEVERAGES Out of twelve activities in a day minimum two hours are devoted to eating and drinking. So one should be acquainted with the vocabulary used in this field. Here we are giving the vocabulary covering all the aspects of food and beverages. The various meals cfttiedays are Quâítativeĩyíoodcanbe Bed-tea Evening-tea Breakfast Snacks Brunch Dinner Lunch Supper Luncheon Nightcap Sumptuous Tasteless 41ĨĨ Appetizing Unappetizing Palatable ec Unpalatable Savoury to Uncooked raw Delicious Half-baked Tasty Insipid 7 Well cooked Badly-cooked Ripe r r Over-cooked The food can Ise Qualftath elythemealcanbe Roasted - Chilled Frozen Boiled Processed Raw Grilled Fried Spicy JuicyMincedvx _ id Lavish Meagre r Sufficient Frugal Moderate -47 Economical L 7 Vegetables xxxjg. . .. 1Vlp HI .f . 1 -XX Jm W vm tWflM Lotus roots Lettuce Mrt Cauliflower Pe s lady finger Cabbage Turnip pumpkin Onions _ Bitter gourd X _ Potatoes Drumsticks . 7 Av7 Sc e- Í Dates .

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