A Practical Guide to Shaft Alignment phần 6

Liên kết chỉ số đảo ngược lấy tên từ các vị trí của hai chỉ số xuyên tâm đối lập nhau về các khớp nối nửa đối diện. Một chỉ số truyền thống thiết lập được hiển thị ở trên. Sau khi gắn kết, hai trục quay với nhau và quay được đọc vào lúc 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 và 9:00. | Laser shaft alignment To be able to measure an offset a system detector range has to be twice the offset. As with a dial gauge the laser receiver measures twice the physical offset of the two shafts as shown below. To measure a physical offset of 80 mils we need a detector measurement range of 160 mils. 51 2002 PRUFTECHNIK LTD. Laser shaft alignment - Case study Laser Shaft Alignment Cuts Energy Costs A proj ect to determine the extent to which shaft misalignment influenced the power consumption of the plant was set up as a graduate student project at a major UK chemical processing plant. The study was conducted over a six week period in a controlled environment that accurately reflected the normal operating conditions across the plant. A redundant kW pump rig in a plant was used for the investigation. Before the project commenced the pump and motor were removed to the workshop where new bearings were fitted and both units were rebalanced to eliminate any external factor that could distort the project results. Plates and jacking bolts were attached to the motor base plate to allow fine adjustments in alignment condition. The pump set was installed to circulate water through a closed loop of piping with the motor running at 3000 RPM - 1 due to variations in load condition . The pump and motor were initially installed with the alignment recorded as gap and offset in the vertical and horizontal directions. The system was run in this condition for a number of days with current drawn being measured at the distribution board every few hours. During the course of the trial period the alignment of the machines was adjusted and at each misalignment interval run for a set period with current drawn measured at regular intervals. Across the site the two principle types of coupling installed were pin and tire couplings. In order to obtain a reasonable picture of potential savings that could be obtained in the plant both types of coupling were installed with the same .

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