Aeronautical Engineer’s Data Book - part 4

Các hình thức tham số của phương trình là x = một giây, y = b tan nơi của các góc eccenteric. Phương trình của tiếp tuyến tại (x1, y1) là xx1 - yy1 = 1. a2 b2 Sine Wave (xem hình ) y = a sin (bx + c) y = a cos (bx + c ') = một tội lỗi (bx + c) (trong đó c = c' + π / 2) y = m tội lỗi bx + n cos bx = một tội lỗi (bx + c) | Section 5 Basic fluid mechanics Basic poperties Basic relationships Fluids are divided into liquids which are virtually incompressible and gases which are compressible. A fluid consists of a collection of molecules in constant motion a liquid adopts the shape of a vessel containing it whilst a gas expands to fill any container in which it is placed. Some basic fluid relationships are given in Table . Table Basic fluid relationships Density p Mass per unit volume. Units kg m3 lb in3 Specific gravity 5 Ratio of density to that of water . 5 p pwater Specific volume v Reciprocal of density . s 1 p. Units m3 kg in3 lb Dynamic viscosity p A force per unit area or shear stress of a fluid. Units Ns m2 ft2 Kinematic viscosity r A ratio of dynamic viscosity to density . V p p. Units m2 s ft2 sec Perfect gas A perfect or ideal gas is one which follows Boyle s Charles law pv RT where p pressure of the gas v specific volume T absolute temperature R the universal gas constant Although no actual gases follow this law totally the behaviour of most gases at temperatures Basic fluid mechanics 77 well above their liquefication temperature will approximate to it and so they can be considered aS a perfect gas. Changes of state When a perfect gas changes state its behaviour approximates to pvn constant where n is known as the polytropic exponent. Figure shows the four main changes of state relevant to aeronautics isothermal adiabatic polytropic and isobaric. Compressibility The extent to which a fluid can be compressed in volume is expressed using the compressibility coefficient 3. Av v 1 0 Ap K where Av change in volume v initial volume Ap change in pressure K bulk modulus 78 Aeronautical Engineer s Data Book Also AP .dP K pTP Tp and dp K y dp where a the velocity of propagation of a pressure wave in the fluid Fluid statics Fluid statics is the study of fluids which are at rest . not flowing relative to the vessel .

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