Aircraft design projects - part 8

Mô tả dự án quy định cụ thể một máy bay hai chỗ interdictor tiên tiến sâu. Nhiệm vụ toàn bộ phạm vi sẽ được bay với tốc độ siêu âm. Định nghĩa nhiệm vụ chính xác được thể hiện trong hình . Trong thời gian dài, cường độ cao điều kiện bay, phần lớn trong số đó là trên lãnh thổ của đối phương, đòi hỏi sự an toàn của hai thí điểm hoạt động. | 250 Aircraft Design Projects E Although point D above gives the max. sustained turn rate the tangent of a radial from the origin to the zero SEP curve gives the smallest sustained turn radius. In the dry thrust case the values are s at 200 kts with a radius of 2582 ft. The wet thrust intersection coincides with the minimum speed boundary. The minimum speed boundary in this calculation assumes that the high angle of attack required to achieve the max. CL value is controllable. It is likely that in our design this may only be possible with a contribution from vectored thrust. The component of force from the thrust vectoring has not been included in the calculations because this would require more aircraft and propulsion details than are available at this stage. As we are relying on assistance from thrust vectoring for landing control it may be possible to design the system to provide an integrated aerodynamic and propulsion control system in the turn manoeuvre without much additional complexity. We have easily met the instantaneous turn requirement so we will assume that the minimum speed boundary is achievable and not critical. Recommendations All of the specified manoeuvre and turn requirements have been easily met with the current design but a word of caution is appropriate. As the value of SEP at a particular flight condition is dependent on the difference between two relatively large numbers thrust and drag small percentage changes in either will result in large variations in SEP. At this stage in the design process when only crude estimates have been made about aerodynamic and propulsion characteristics this must concern us. For example when considering flight at high manoeuvre load factors the lift-induced drag becomes a significant component of drag. As this is dependent on the estimation of the induced drag factor which is difficult to predict accurately for our planform there could be uncertainty in the high g performance. Also the engine performance is

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