Aircraft Design: Synthesis and Analysis - part 1

Vật liệu này được dựa trên các ghi chú khóa học cho AA241A lớp và B, một khóa học bậc sau đại học trong thiết kế máy bay tại Đại học Stanford. Khóa học liên quan đến các dự án thiết kế máy bay cá nhân với bộ vấn đề và bài giảng dành cho các khía cạnh khác nhau của | Aircraft Design Synthesis and Analysis Aircraft Design Synthesis and Analysis Contents 0. Preface Instructions General References 1. Introduction Historical Notes Aerodynamics History Boeing History Airbus History Invention of the Airplane Aircraft Origins New Aircraft Development The Airline Industry Future Aircraft References 2. The Design Process Market Determination Design Requirements and Objectives Exercise 1 Design Requirements Design Optimization Computational Methods 3. Fuselage Layout Cross Section Design Exercise 2 Cross Section Fuselage Shape Exercise 3 Aircraft Design Synthesis and Analysis Preface About AA241 This material is based on course notes for the class AA241A and B a graduate level course in aircraft design at Stanford University. The course involves individual aircraft design projects with problem sets and lectures devoted to various aspects of the design and analysis of a complete aerospace system. Students select a particular type of aircraft to be designed and in two academic quarters define the configuration using methods similar to those used in the aircraft industry for preliminary design work. Together with the vehicle definition and analysis basic principles of applied aerodynamics structures controls and system integration applicable to many types of aerospace problems are discussed. The objective of the course is to present the fundamental elements of these topics showing how they are applied in a practical design. About the Web Version of These Notes This internet-based version of Aircraft Design Synthesis and Analysis is an experiment. It is the forerunner of a new type of textbook whose pages may be distributed throughout the world and accessable via the world-wide-web. The text will be evolving over the next few months new items will be added continually. This may turn out to be a true Hitchhiker s Guide To Aircraft Design if .

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