amphibionics build your own biologically inspired reptilian robot - part 2

Bởi vì trung tâm của runout plumb, các trung tâm runout sẽ được đồng tâm với các nhà ở mang tua-bin. Khóa Á hậu lực đẩy tại chỗ với cướp bu lông hoặc mang các phân đoạn để chuẩn bị cho việc cài đặt mang dẫn. Xem phần 8 về cài đặt mang hướng dẫn | Chapter 2 Printed Circuit Board Fabrication FIGURE Photo fabrication kit. Follow the next six steps to make your own PCBs 1. Setup Protect surrounding areas from developer and other splashes that may cause etching damage. Plastic is ideal for this. Work under safe light conditions. A 40-W incandescent bulb works well. Do not work under fluorescent light. Just prior to exposure remove the white protective film from the presensitized board. Peel it back carefully. 2. Exposing your board For best results use the . Chemicals cat. 416-X exposure kit. However any inexpensive lamp fixture that will hold two or more 18-inch fluorescent tubes is suitable. Directions Place the presensitized board copper side toward the exposure source. Positive film artwork should be laid onto the presensitized copper side of the board and positioned as desired. Artwork should have been produced by a 600-dpi or better printer. If you don t have a printer that can handle 600 19 Amphibionics dpi then make two transparencies and lay them on top of each other. Make sure that the traces line up perfectly and then staple them together. A glass weight should then be used to cover the artwork ensuring that no light will pass under the traces approximately 3-mm glass thickness or greater works best . Use a 10-minute exposure time at a distance of 5 inches. 3. Developing your board The development process removes any photoresist that was exposed through the film positive to ultraviolet light. Warning The developer contains sodium hydroxide and is highly corrosive. Wear rubber gloves and eye protection while using it. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes if it is splashed in eyes or on the skin. Directions Using rubber gloves and eye protection dilute one part . cat. 418 developer with 10 parts tepid water weaker is better than stronger . In a plastic tray immerse the board copper side up into the developer and you will quickly see an image appear while

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