The Public Relations Handbook, 2nd Edition

Jo Chipchase has a professional background in both journalism and PR. She runs Can- U-Hack-It, a company that provides new media, editorial and PR services to a diverse range of clients; co-runs the UKPress online networking group for communication professionals (); and is editorial director of Press Dispensary (), which offers affordable press release writing and distribution services to small businesses. She has written for numerous publications, covering topics ranging from internet to lifestyle. Jo lives and works on the south coast of England. | 1111 2 3 4 5 6 The Public Relations 7 8 9 Handbook 11110 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 11118 The Public Relations Handbook is a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the 19 theories and practices of the public relations industry. It traces the history and devel- 20 opment of public relations, explores ethical issues which affect the industry, examines 21 its relationship with politics, lobbying organisations and journalism, assesses its profes- 22 sionalism and regulation and advises on training and entry into the profession. 23 The Public Relations Handbook combines theoretical and organisational frameworks 24 for studying public relations with examples of how the industry works in practice. It 25 draws on a range of promotional strategies and campaigns from businesses, public and 26 non-profit organisations including Voice of the Listener and Viewer, Marks & Spencer, 27 the Metropolitan Police, the Prince’s Trust, Shell and Centrica. 28 The Public Relations Handbook includes: 29 30 • interviews with PR practitioners about their working practices 31 • case studies, examples, press releases and illustrations from a range of campaigns 32 from multinational corporations, local government and charities 33 34 • specialist chapters on financial public relations, business ethics, public relations on 35 the internet and dealing with new technology 36 • over twenty illustrations from recent PR campaigns 37 • a new chapter on the effects of culture on communication. 38 39 Alison Theaker is Senior Lecturer at Marjon College, the College of St Mark and St 40 John, Plymouth, UK and was formerly Scholar in Residence in the School of Marketing 41 Communication at Emerson College, Boston, USA. She has been Head of Education 42 and Training at the Institute of Public Relations as well as Principal Lecturer and Course 43 Leader in Public Relations at Leeds Business School. She is a Fellow of the Institute 44 of Public Relations and co-author of Effective Media Relations. 45 46 47 48 49 .