The Wealth Of Nations

By Adam Smith (Only4Pro) | ELECBOOK CLASSICS An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of THE WEALTH OF NATIONS Adam Smith ELECBOOK CLASSICS ebc0072. Adam Smith: Wealth of Nations This file is free for individual use only. It must not be altered or resold. Organisations wishing to use it must first obtain a licence. Low cost licenses are available. Contact us through our web site © The Electric Book Co 1998 The Electric Book Company Ltd 20 Cambridge Drive, London SE12 8AJ, UK This page intentionally blank An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations Adam Smith The Wealth of Nations: Book 1 4 Contents Click on page number to go to Chapter Introduction and Plan of the Work 12 Book One: Of The Causes Of Improvement In The Productive Powers Of Labour, And Of The Order According To Which Its Produce Is Naturally Distributed Among The Different Ranks Of The People .16 Chapter 1. Of the Division of Labour 17 Chapter II. Of the Principle which gives occasion to the Division of Labour29 Chapter III. That the Division of Labour is limited by the Extent of the Market35 Chapter IV. Of the Origin and Use of Chapter V. Of the Real and Nominal Price of Commodities, or their Price in Labour, and their Price in Chapter the Component Parts of the Price of Commodities73 Chapter VII. Of the Natural and Market Price of Commodities83 Chapter VIII. Of the Wages of Labour .