Windows Server 2003 Best Practices for Enterprise Deployments phần 3

Tôi sẽ sử dụng một từ mã, "ITEM", có nghĩa là một mục nên được giảm xuống ở vị trí đó gạch. Các lĩnh vực Data2 sẽ chứa tên mục. Xem hình Hình 14,8 vàng đã được thêm vào các dungeon như loot con quái vật. | Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http CHAPTER 3 Designing the Active Directory IN THIS CHAPTER Introducing Active Directory Designing the Solution Using the Active Directory Blueprint Putting the Blueprint into Action Forest Tree Domain Strategy Designing the Naming Strategy Designing the Production Domain OU Structure AD and Other Directories Service Positioning Site Topology Schema Modification Strategy AD Implementation Plan The Ongoing AD Design Process Best Practice Summary Chapter Roadmap 79 87 89 91 101 104 112 116 127 133 135 137 137 138 Simpo PDF Merge and Split Unregistered Version - http Active Directory is the core of the Windows Server 2003 network. It is the central component that not only serves to provide authentication and authorization but also administration information sharing and information availability. It can be defined as follows A secure virtual environment where users can interact either with each other or with network components all according to the business rules of the enterprise. Quite a change from Windows NT isn t it It s no wonder people have not accepted Active Directory AD at a neck-breaking pace. It is a paradigm shift that is even more complex than moving from character-based computing to the graphical interface. Understanding the breadth of possibilities Active Directory brings is the biggest challenge of the enterprise network with WS03. The first rule you must set for yourself when working to design your Active Directory is Use best practices everywhere Don t try to change the way Active Directory is designed to work no matter what you might think at first. Active Directory provides a wealth of opportunities that you will discover as you implement use and operate it. Changes that might make sense according to IT concepts today may well have a negative impact on the operation of your Active Directory tomorrow. The first step toward the implementation of the enterprise network