Windows Server 2003 Best Practices for Enterprise Deployments phần 4

Liên kết trong trang web liên kết có sẵn (VLAN cho các kết nối máy chủ) KCC trên (thiết lập cho tất cả các trang web) với tất cả các cầu các trang web liên kết trang web với S5 và R11 ưu tiên Bridgehead Liên kết Server với HQ1 và R11 Liên kết trang web của BU | Simpo PDF Merge and Split QU n pe gisfe red sVeréiont h htlpWwwWrsimpoypdfJcAm All Site Link costs decrease as they get closer to HQ1 so HQ1 replication is prioritized. Replication is only performed with the RPC through IP. Default schedules are enabled in all sites replication every 180 minutes . High priority replication can occur immediately. Every site has a backup replication route at a higher cost. Site Link Name Link Speed to HQ Site Link Type Site Link Cost Options HQ Main LAN VLAN 1 Site Link available VLAN for server connections KCC on setting for all sites Site Links with all sites Site Link Bridge with S5 and R11 HQ Main to Security Perimeter Security Perimeter to HQ Main LAN with Firewall VLAN 50 Preferred Bridgehead Server HQ Site 2 Region 5 T1 VLAN 100 Site Links with HQ1 and R11 BU Site Links with all sites Site Link Bridge with S4 Region 1 Region 3 Region 4 Region 6 Region 7 Region 8 Region 9 Region 10 Region 13 Region 14 256 Regional 400 Site Link with HQ1 BU Site Link with HQ2 Region 2 Region 12 512 Regional 300 Site Link with HQ1 BU Site Link with HQ2 Region 11 T1 VLAN 150 Site Link with HQ2 Site Link Bridge with HQ1 BU Site Link with HQ1 Region 15 128 Regional 500 Site Link with HQ1 BU Site Link with HQ2 Satellite 1 Region 2 Satellite 2 Region 5 Satellite 3 Region 5 64 N A N A N A Satellite 4 Region 11 Satellite 5 Region 12 128 Regional 500 Site Link with R11 Site Link Bridge with HQ2 BU Site Link with HQ2 Table 3-9 T T Site Topology smpo VpDFo MeẾgevarn c2 spíit U Pirfe dfistered vers io nt P https Everything is based on calculated available bandwidth. Every site is set to cache universal group memberships. Firewall replication is controlled through preferred Bridgehead Servers. Of course T T will need to monitor AD replication performance during the operation of the directory to ensure that the values in this table are appropriate to meet service levels. If not both the table and the Site Links will need to be updated. This .