Windows Server 2003 Best Practices for Enterprise Deployments phần 6

Tất cả chi phí liên kết giảm khi họ được gần gũi hơn với HQ1, vì vậy sao chép HQ1 là ưu tiên. Replication • chỉ được thực hiện với RPC thông qua IP. • lịch trình mặc định được kích hoạt trong tất cả các trang web (sao chép tất cả 180 phút). | Simpo POFpMter e ẳ n d S p tit U n rê g iâtegredl Vê rsiori -U h ttpl fww .rgiimpopdứóOhh 11. Close the GPE when done. You can also close the PCs OU Property dialog box since no other action needs to be performed on the GPO. For example No Override is not required since T T will not delegate GPO creation to other users. 12. Repeat this process for each GPO you need to create. This includes the Global Desktop GPO the Global Mobile GPO for EFS mostly the Global External GPO and the Global Kiosk GPO for more security and to enable Loopback . 13. Move to the PCs External Unmanaged OU. Right-click on this OU and select Properties. Move to the Group Policy tab and click the Block Policy inheritance checkbox. T T has decided to leave all external unmanaged systems without any significant GPO assignment. Two more tasks are required to complete the PCs OU setup delegating authority and creating software category groups. Both are relatively simple. T T has decided that the only tasks they will delegate to technicians are the ability to modify group memberships for PCs and the ability to manage PC location information. The latter is tied to the WS03 Printer Location Tracking Service which links the nearest printer to users PCs. More on this subject is covered in Chapter 7. The former will ensure that they will be able to modify a PC s vocation when it is reassigned to a new user. Once again this is done in AD Users and Computers. 1. The first thing you need to do is create a group to which you can delegate authority. It doesn t matter if you don t know who will be in this group yet all you need is the group with the proper delegation rights. You can assign members to the group later. Since Windows Server 2003 uses Domain Local Groups for rights assignments more in Chapter 6 you will create a Domain Local group called PC Technicians Local . To do so right-click on the Users object SrSpo VpDFo MeẾgevarn c2 spíit U Pirfe dfistered vers io nt P https WwW. sym in the .

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