Windows Server 2003 Best Practices for Enterprise Deployments phần 9

Đĩa mở rộng đảm bảo rằng chính các phân vùng đĩa cứng của bạn luôn luôn vẫn như cũ. Điều này có nghĩa rằng bạn có thể tạo ra một Microsoft đã viết một bài báo cơ sở kiến thức về quản lý đĩa và khối lượng. Tìm kiếm số bài viết Q329707 | smpo VpDFo MeẾgevam c2 spíit U Pirfe dfieterecl sfrs io nt e https WwW. siim 6. Select the type of trust you wish to create two-way one-way incoming or one-way outgoing . 7. If you have administrative rights in both domains you can select Both this domain and the specified domain to create both sides of the trust at the same time. Click Next. 8. Type in your administrative credentials for the target domain or forest. Click Next. 9. The wizard is ready to create the outgoing trust in the target domain or forest. Click Next. Once finished it will ask you to configure the new trust. Click Next. 10. It will ask you to confirm the outgoing trust. Select Yes confirm the outgoing trust and then click Next. Confirming trusts is a good idea because it ensures that the trust is working properly. 11. It will ask you to confirm the incoming trust. Select Yes confirm the incoming trust and then click Next. 12. Review your changes and click Finish when done. Use the same procedure to create other types of trusts. The wizard will automatically change its behavior based on the values you input in its second page. Working with Active Directory security can be complex but you will reduce the level of complexity if you keep a structured well-documented approach to change management. Ensure you use standard operating procedures at all times and ensure that these documented procedures are provided to all personnel who require them. Web Server Access Control Another area where authentication is required is at the Web server. IIS provides several different authentication types from anonymous logon to full certificate-based authentication. Table 8-4 lists the authentication modes available in IIS . Simpo PDF Merge and Split ưnregésrtere d Versi Bl Í http p wwW. qmpOpdf3c 0hh Mode Security Limitations If Any Client Support Comments Anonymous None No security All Works in any scenario Basic Low Clear text password use only with SSL All Works in any scenario Digest Medium IE5 .