Windows Server 2003 Clustering & Load Balancing phần 9

Từ khu vực Cụm các chế độ hoạt động, bạn sẽ cấu hình hoạt động của các cụm, hoặc unicast hoặc multicast. Một truyền unicast là một truyền điểm-điểm giữa hai nút. Uni hoặc một trong là một truyền có nghĩa là cho một Chế độ cụm hoạt động | 310 Windows Server 2003 Clustering Load Balancing Now that you ve added your nodes to the cluster let s look at the NLB Manager and some of the problems you might encounter. Remember if you want to continue to add nodes then you can do the same thing. Right-click the cluster and add a node. You can also add another cluster. Doing this will create more than one cluster for you to manage in the same console. In Figure 7-6 you can see your two nodes are configured and ready to go. I have a problem though. You can see in the figure that within my cluster I have a node with an hourglass which means it s in the process of connecting to the cluster. Notice in the right-hand side pane that NLB isn t bound and that s the problem. The status of your nodes can give you a good hint on what your nodes are doing. You can also look at the log entry in the bottom pane of the NLB Manager for a detailed listing of problems you might encounter as well as those of successful transitions. Now look at Figure 7-7. I intentionally made this considerably worse to show you what this console will flag. Remember we also enabled logging earlier in the chapter. In Figure 7-7 I changed the IP addresses and enabled the cluster service. You re given explicit details on what the problem is and how to troubleshoot it. As mentioned before the Cluster Service started and this threw everything off. All I had to do was look in the bottom pane of the NLB Manager and then click the error I wanted to investigate. As I opened it I could see one of my critical errors came from the cluster node that had the cluster service enabled as shown in the following illustration. Chapter 7 Building Advanced Highly Available Load-Balanced Configurations 311 In Figure 7-8 you ll notice there s a problem with one of my cluster nodes. In this one the status on the right-hand side pane shows the host is unreachable. This is a problem because I blocked ICMP which is the protocol ping uses. The reason this isn t good is .

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