Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator phần 2

như một hướng dẫn và thay đổi nó như bạn thấy phù hợp. Nhiều lần, tôi sử dụng các mẫu cho các dự án. Trong phần này của phụ lục, bạn sẽ thấy tất cả các phần bạn cần phải lập kế hoạch trước khi bạn bắt đầu ra khỏi cuộn. Đầu tiên, có được một tầm nhìn của dự án. Dự án quản lý | General Server Administration 13 To audit object access such as a container in AD or a file on a server you must then turn on auditing for that object and identify who you want to audit. To do so 1. Locate the object you want to audit. Try to audit containers such as folders or organizational units rather than individual objects. 2. Right-click on it to select Properties. Move to the Security tab. 3. Click the Advanced button. In AD you must enable Advanced Features from the View menu of the AD consoles to do this. 4. Identify which groups you want to audit. It is usually easier to select all-encompassing groups such as Authenticated Users than to use more specific groups. It all depends on who and what you are auditing. 5. From now on access events will be monitored in the Security Event Log. Document all the changes you make. To view audit results 1. Launch the Computer Management console Quick Launch Area Computer Management . 2. Connect to the appropriate server Action Connect to another computer and either type in the server name servername or use the Browse button to locate it. Click OK when done. 3. Move to the Security Event Log System Tools Event Viewer Security . 4. Identify any success or failures. Take appropriate action if you identify inappropriate actions. Make note of any corrective action you need to take. Use Procedure GS-06 to log the different events you investigate each day. You can also reset the size of the Security Event Log. Follow the last part of Procedure GS-03 to do so. 14 Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator TIP If you set the log file to lock Do not overwrite events once it reaches maximum log size and you fear it hasn t been backed up you will automatically shut down the server until the log file is cleared. GS-05 Service and Admin Account Management Activity Frequency Daily Administrative accounts are high-priced commodities in every network. Gone are the days when they had to be handed out generally to almost anyone who .

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