Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator phần 3

TIP Bạn sẽ phải cẩn thận với hoạt động này khi giao dịch với các máy chủ đang chạy Terminal Services bởi vì người dùng mặc định sẽ được sử dụng để tạo ra sử dụng, không phải là quản trị viên, hồ sơ. Rõ ràng, hồ sơ người dùng sẽ đòi hỏi các thiết lập khác nhau | 44 Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator 6. Select the Administrator profile and click Copy to. 7. Browse to the Documents and Settings folder to find the Default User profile. Click OK. 8. Click OK to replace existing files. 9. Close all dialog boxes and log out of the second administrative account. 10. Log into Administrator. 11. Launch Explorer and return to the User Profile dialog box. 12. Delete the second administrative account s profile it was created only to update Default User . 13. Close all dialog boxes and log out of the Administrator account. 14. Log into the second administrative account to test the Default User. Note that you now have a copy of the customized Administrator profile. 15. Return to the administrator profile. TIP You ll have to be careful with this operation when dealing with servers running Terminal Services because the Default User will be used to create user not administrator profiles. Obviously user profiles will require different settings than administrative ones. GS-25 Technical Environment Review Activity Frequency Ad hoc Once in a while you should also take the time to review your entire technical environment and see if it requires any changes. This task is usually undertaken twice a year or during budget reviews. Use your activity logs and your troubleshooting reports to identify areas of improvement for your network and the services it delivers. You might also institute a user suggestion area. The best way to do this is to create a suggestion email alias and distribute it to users. General Server Administration 45 Document each proposed change in a business case to get funding and approval for the change. Carefully document each change you actually implement. GS-26 System and Network Documentation Activity Frequency Ad hoc You should also take the time to review your system and network documentation on an ad hoc basis. Is it up-to-date Does it accurately describe your actual environment This is not a task many of us relish .

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