Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator phần 4

Chọn hồ sơ cá nhân quản trị và nhấn Copy to. 7. Duyệt đến thư mục Documents and Settings để tìm hồ sơ cá nhân người dùng mặc định. Nhấn OK. 8. Click vào OK để thay thế các tập tin hiện có. 9. Đóng tất cả các hộp thoại và đăng nhập của tài khoản quản trị thứ hai. 10. | Administering File and Print Servers 75 DFS Decision Tree Require Domain Fault Tolerance Yes- Domain DFS Root by a pei nne 7 Yes or Multl-site Replication stand-alone DFS Root No ị Add Root targets for specific servers only Install on -----Cluster Server -4- Ye 4 Install on Stand-alone Server-4 No Require Intra-stte Fault tolerance _ ------No------- Fault Tolerant lint Add Root targets for all servers Add DFS link 2 Add Root target Add DFS link Cluster configuration complete ị ----Add link target I Yes Add second link target Configure replication topology PIÍỈX pre Root Add moreink targets shortcut to users 1 Add link target Figure 2-2. The DFS creation process DFS roots you will have the opportunity to reuse this procedure. Ị-V SCRIPT CENTER The Microsoft TechNet Script Center includes several scripts that help you identify work with DFS. These scripts can be found at http technet treeview url technet scriptcenter dfs frame true. FS-07 Quota Management Activity Frequency Weekly The Windows Server 2003 Quota Service is also a feature of disk drives. To verify quota status 1. Use the Global MMC Console to open a Remote Desktop Connection to the appropriate server and then open the Windows Explorer Quick Launch Area Windows Explorer . 2. Navigate to the data drive drive D and right-click on it to select Properties. 3. Move to the Quota tab and click Quota Entries. 76 Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator 4. View all quota entries and verify how your users are making use of shared disk space. 5. You can view a user s individual settings by right-clicking on the user and selecting Properties. Close the Quota Entries window when done. You can also import quota settings from another volume. If you need to do so replacing a volume moving data to a new volume make sure you export the settings Quota I Export from the source volume before you import them Quota I Import into the destination volume. 1Ị SCRIPT CENTER The Microsoft .