Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator phần 5

Đăng nhập vào quản trị. 11. Mở cửa sổ Explorer và trở về hộp thoại User hồ sơ. 12. Xóa hồ sơ hành chính tài khoản thứ hai (được tạo ra chỉ để cập nhật người dùng mặc định). 13. Đóng tất cả các hộp thoại và đăng nhập của tài khoản Administrator. 14. | 106 Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator To verify the status of your WINS servers you need to perform three tasks Check server statistics. Scavenge the database to remove stale records. Check WINS logs for errors. You may also check database consistency and check for version ID consistency. The latter deals with how WINS manages replication. Each record is given a version ID. The records with the highest version ID are replicated to the server s partners. Ill Hill Hill Hill Hill Him You have to be a member of the local WINS Users group or the SECURITY SCAN local Administrators group in order to operate and configure the WINS server. To check server statistics 1. Launch the Global MMC Console Quick Launch Area Global MMC Console . 2. Connect to the appropriate server Action Connect to another computer and either type in the server name servername or use the Browse button to locate it. Click OK when done. 3. Move to the WINS service Services and Applications WINS . 4. Make sure you click the WINS service and that its information is displayed in the right pane then right-click on WINS to select Display Server Statistics from the context menu. 5. This will display current statistics for the server including uptime discovers offers requests and more. Make note of these values in your monthly WINS log. Click Close when done. You can use the same context menu to select Scavenge Database Check Database Consistency and Check Version ID Consistency. Administering Network Infrastructure Servers 107 You can also use command-line tools to view information about the server. This means using the netsh command within the WINS scope. To automatically collect information about a WINS server type netsh wins server servername show statistics 3 where servername is the DNS name of the WINS server and is the name of the output file you want the information stored in. You can put a series of these commands in a command file and use Procedure GS-19 to .