Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator phần 7

Để cập nhật Group Policy trên một đối tượng: gpupdate Theo mặc định, điều này sẽ cập nhật cả người sử dụng, chính sách máy tính trên hệ thống mục tiêu, nhưng các cài đặt chỉ thay đổi. Sử dụng chuyển đổi / force để nộp đơn xin lại tất cả các thiết lập chính sách. Sử dụng /? để biết thêm chi tiết. | 168 Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator To update Group Policy on an object gpupdate By default this will update both the user and computer policies on the target system but only changed settings. Use the force switch to reapply all policy settings. Use for more information. To identify the resulting set of policies on an object gpresult S computername USER targetusername Z where computername is the name of the computer to verify results on and targetusername is the name of the user whose policies you want to verify. The Z switch enables super verbose mode giving you highly detailed information. You might want to pipe this command into a filename to capture all the results. To reset either the Default Domain or the Default Domain Controller GPO to its original setting dcgpofix ignoreschema By default this command refreshes both default policies. The ignoreschema switch is most certainly required if you have added any schema modifications or any schema-modifying software to your network. If the schema is no longer in its default state and the switch is not used the command will not work. DC-17 Computer Object Management Activity Frequency Ad hoc All computer objects in Windows Server 2003 must have an account within the directory. This is because this account enables the directory to interact with each machine in the network. This is why machines must join an Active Directory domain. This join helps put in place all of the elements that support system management within AD. There are two ways to create computer objects. First they can be created during system staging when the computer s network parameters are defined but using this method means granting the Add workstation to domain right to Administering Identity Servers 169 technicians. The second method allows you to precreate the computer accounts within the domain. The advantage of this method is that you can target the proper organizational unit for the computer account making sure it benefits immediately