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computername là tên của máy tính để xác minh kết quả trên và targetusername là tên của người sử dụng có chính sách bạn muốn để xác minh. / Z chuyển đổi cho phép siêu tiết chế độ, cung cấp cho bạn thông tin rất chi tiết. Bạn có thể muốn ống lệnh này vào một tên tập tin để nắm bắt tất cả các kết quả. | Administering Identity Servers 199 Figure 4-3. To generate a script that creates a computer account select Create an object and the computer class in EZAD Scriptomatic. 4 DC-33 Forest Time Service Management Activity Frequency Ad hoc Active Directory includes a time synchronization hierarchy. This hierarchy is based on the PDC Emulator within each domain of the forest. The forest root domain PDC Emulator is normally synchronized with an external time source and each child domain PDC emulator synchronizes with the PDC Emulator from the forest root domain. Each computer or server in each domain synchronizes with its own PDC Emulator. Time synchronization in Windows Server is managed in two ways The first is through the w3 2tm command. This command lets you control time on individual computers. The second is through the domain hierarchy. If you wish to use alternate times sources Windows Server includes several GPOs that let you control time globally within domains. 200 Windows Server 2003 Pocket Administrator By default Windows Server 2003 networks are configured to use as the Simple Network Time Protocol SNTP time source. If your network cannot reach this time source your server will generate W32Time errors such as error number 12. If you wish to set a different time source server for the forest root PDC Emulator use the w3 2tm command-line tool. For example the command to use to set an Eastern time zone clock with three source time servers would be w32tm config manualpeerlist update This will set the forest root PDC Emulator to synchronize time with one of the three computer systems listed and it will immediately update the time service. Remember to do this you will have to open UDP port 123 in your firewall to allow SNTP traffic. Use Table 4-4 to identify an appropriate time source for your network. Administering Identity Servers 201 To verify that the command was successful type net time .