Wireless Home Networking for dummies phần 2

Cập nhật Service Pack / Hot Fix Cập nhật mới Đánh giá Quản lý kho phần mềm máy chủ BIOS Quản lý vững và phần mềm quản lý quản lý máy chủ server Update Công suất và đang biến mất khỏi các kệ hàng. HPNA : Nhanh hơn nhiều hơn , phiên bản có thể đạt tốc độ tương tự như những người của một mạng LAN Ethernet. | Chapter 1 Introducing Wireless Home Networking 19 The Intel Centrino chip You might start hearing the term Centrino with respect to wireless products. No this isn t a new atomic particle but Intel s new wireless-enabled chip the chip that will bring wireless connectivity to most laptops on the planet. Representing Intel s best technology for mobile PCs the Intel Centrino mobile technology includes a new mobile processor related chipsets and wireless network functions that have been optimized tested and validated to work together. If you re in the market for a laptop you ll be confronted with a flood of advertising regarding the Centrino chipset. With Intel Inside and wireless at that you can expect that when your children s friends come to your home for a sleepover they ll be able to wirelessly connect their laptops back to their own homes so that they can say good night to Mommy. We expect that b g products all-in-one devices will be the standard device that s deployed in most home networks. This enables the home network to be able to communicate with the protocols that it senses. We think however that it s going to be some time before this is a really seamless activity. There are lots of issues of dealing with multiple protocols in the same wireless area and these are growing pains that will be worked through over time. For most home networks IEEE wireless networks are the best choice because they re the least expensive offer the best signal range and provide more than adequate data speed. It s a great way to get started. However the prices for the faster and compatible products are dropping so fast that we urge you to look at upgrading to the faster g standardized products. If you find that is best for you that s okay too. The reality is however that the combined b g units future-proof you the best and are likely what will be on the shelves almost exclusively within a few years. So you can take either fork in the .

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