Wireless Home Networking for dummies phần 3

Sử dụng đường dây điện thoại nhà của bạn với các thiết bị mạng với nhau là (bạn đoán nó) phoneline mạng. Đây là một công nghệ khá trưởng thành phát triển nhanh chóng về thời gian tương tự như ngành công nghiệp (DSL), đường dây thuê bao kỹ thuật số, khoảng giữa những năm 1990. | 58 Part I Wireless Networking Fundamentals Home Phoning ET Got It Backward Using your home phone lines to network devices together is you guessed it phoneline networking. This is a fairly mature technology having grown up about the same time as the digital subscriber line DSL industry around the mid-1990s. Phoneline networking standards have been developed by an industry group called HomePNA or sometimes just HPNA Home Phoneline Networking Association . You ll find several types of HPNA available HPNA The first HPNA standard operates at a slower speed Mbps and is disappearing from the shelves. HPNA Much faster than the version can reach speeds similar to those of an Ethernet LAN. It s advertised as 10 Mbps but the maximum speed is actually 16 Mbps. This version is backward compatible with hPnA . HPNA A version of the standard that will allow much higher speeds is in the works. The goal is to reach speeds of up to 128 Mbps initially with later versions reaching 240 Mbps enough speed to carry even high-definition video signals. These were not available as we write but are coming soon so check stores for which version is available when. Although the newer products can talk to older ones having even one HPNA device connected to your phone lines slows all the HPNA fg l devices down to Mbps. Make sure that all of yours are if you want that technology. We hate it when we buy five of something only to go home and find that one of the boxes is an older version yech . The new version will have improved backward compatibility so that HPNA devices when they show up won t be slowed down just because older HPNA endpoints are connected to the phone lines. HomePNA products are available in several different form factors. You will likely encounter them in two major ways Built into the AP router or other device These are installed in peripheral or entertainment devices such as Internet-enabled stereos .

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