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Đó là quảng cáo là 10 Mbps, nhưng tốc độ tối đa là 16 Mbps. Phiên bản này tương thích ngược với HPNA . HPNA : Một phiên bản của tiêu chuẩn sẽ cho phép tốc độ cao hơn nhiều trong các công trình. Mục đích là để đạt tốc độ lên đến | 136 Part III Installing a Wireless Network_ Apple s AirPort products use the same Wireless Fidelity Wi-Fi IEEE technology that has become the most popular wireless networking standard. Apple computers equipped with AirPort Cards can connect to any Wi-Fi-compatible GHz wireless network regardless of whether the network uses Apple equipment including Windows wireless networks. At the Macworld tradeshow in January 2003 Apple announced a new AirPort Extreme Card and Base Station that uses the draft IEEE technology that can transfer data up to 54 Mbps and can handle up to 50 Mac and Windows users simultaneously. These new products are backward compatible with the older AirPort equipment however the new AirPort Extreme Card will install only in Apple computers that have a mini-PCI Peripheral Component Interconnect slot inside. Pick an AirPort Card any card Apple computer models were the first on the market to feature a special wireless adapter the AirPort Card as an option. The AirPort Card with a retail price of 99 is very similar to a PC Card a Personal Computer Memory Card International Association PCMCIA Card but is designed to be installed in a special AirPort slot inside an Apple computer. You should not try to use it in a PC Card slot found on most laptop computers. The AirPort Extreme Card is a mini-PCI card. It is designed to fit inside an Apple computer such as several of the newest PowerBook G4s but will not fit in the original AirPort slot. Likewise an AirPort Card will not fit in a miniPCI slot. The AirPort Extreme card also has a retail price of 99. It will connect to the original AirPort Base Stations but will also connect to the new AirPort Extreme Base Station that can transmit data up to 54 Mbps almost five times faster than the original AirPort. Lucent designed and manufactures the AirPort Card for Apple and also manufactures a very similar card for other vendors such as ORiNOCO a Proxim